Current version: 0.3
Based on Knoppix 3.7
and ffsearch 1.0.14

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What is ffsearch-LiveCD?

ffsearch-LiveCD is a modified Knoppix-Linux with Fast File Search running on top of it. This way, no installation is required! You can download an Iso, burn it on CD, put the disc in you CD-drive and boot it up. It crawls the net for SMB and FTP shares and provides you with a web interface for searching these files.

What do I need to run it?

You need a Computer with a bootable CD-ROM-drive, a ffsearch-LiveCD and that's it!
As you know Knoppix, it don't modifies your harddisc (except your swap-partition), so the database (MySQL) is stored in the RAM.
It takes about 100MB RAM to store the fileinfo of one million files (1'000'000). You need at least 128MB of RAM, but more is better!

Do I need a dedicated Machine?

Not necessarily: You can run ffseach-LiveCD on an emulator or in a virtual machine (such as VMware).
It runs nice in VMWare, i did a lot of my tests in such environments.
If you have tested some other environment, please let me know if it was successful or not. I have also a Colinux-Image ready and plan to release it soon...

I could use this at the next LAN-party, but i only use Windows! Is there a way?

Yes, it is possible! An easy way is to let the LiveCD run in an Virtual Machine (eg. VMware). An other way will be to use CoLinux. As mentioned above, i have a running CoLinux-Image and i plan to release it soon!

Where can i download it?

Short answer: Here!
Size: 194 MB
MD5: cca2330a85e29c63f0a633a155b85cf5

Screenshots, are there screenshots?

As a Live-CD without GUI, there is not much need for screenshots. Anyway, i made some shots!
[Bootsplash] [ffsearch-live-CD]

I have an other question/a wish for the ffsearch-LiveCD, how can i contact you?

The ffsearch-Live-CD is maintained by me, Roman Hegglin, please contact me directly: ffsearch [at] packetstorm.ch